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CYDA สมาคมพัฒนาเด็กและเยาว์ชน

Working Towards a Brighter Future

Welcome to CYDA
Children and Youth Development Association (CYDA) is a charity organisation operating in Chiang Mai, with a main purpose of supporting disadvantaged children and improving their quality of life. CYDA wants to give the children the opportunity to receive higher education, learn about agriculture, ecology and environment conservation, as well as striving to promote Thai culture and traditions.


CYDA สมาคมพัฒนาเด็กและเยาว์ชน at a Glance

A Bit of Background

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About CYDA
The Children and Youth Development Association (CYDA) is a non-governmental organization that was established in 1997. CYDA operates in the Chiang Mai province and was officially registered and approved by the Thai government in July 1998. The organization's main purpose is to support disadvantaged children, and to improve their quality of life. CYDA is especially concerned with children from poor backgrounds or broken home families, which include children from both Thai and hill tribe communities. CYDA wants to give the children the opportunity to receive a higher education, which would help provide them with far better employment prospects. At CYDA, we also provide education and training about agriculture, ecology and environmental conservation, while at the same time promoting Thai culture and traditions. We do our best to give the children the best possible opportunity for a happy and successful future.

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CYDA Committee

Get to Know Us

Home: Team Members

CYDA is fortunate to have such a amazing and passionate team. We are grateful for all the work everyone does for the organization

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Mr. Sorn Pinaksornskul


Mr. Sorn was the co-founder of CYDA and was secretary-general at the first CYDA committee of members (board of directors). Now he is retired from his work (with a Non-profit organization) and likes to gardening in his spare time. He currently lives in Chiang Mai province and works with CYDA as a volunteer as the current president.

CYDA GuestHouse

Based around 20-25 minutes from Chiang Mai city center, CYDA's GuestHouse is located in a village located in the Sarapee District. Although away from the tourists and the hustle and bustle of Chiang Mai, the GuestHouse is still within close proximity to all the major tourists attractions that surround the Chiang Mai area.
Experience the life of a Thai villager, which also provides a chance to interact with the extremely friendly locals. The locals and the young people who live at CYDA often come and welcome new guests, which also provides an opportunity for them to practice their English.
Explore the surprisingly unique blend of modern and traditional attractions surrounding the village, either on bike or scooter. This opportunity provides a fascinating insight into the lives of the local community. From trendy cafes to beautiful temples, everyday we discover something new that surrounds the CYDA GuestHouse.
The main GuestHouse is built as a typical traditional stilt Thai home; it has two rooms available for our guests which can hold a maximum of four people in each room. The floors and ceiling are fitted with hand made woven teak and the rooms are decorated with handicrafts made by the local villagers. There is also a balcony with a garden view where our guests can relax with a cold drink.
Downstairs we have a communal area where our guests eat and can purchase drinks. We also have table tennis, darts and other games available for our guests to past the time when they are not doing other activities. Feel free to chill out in this area along with our two dogs and cat, who have also made CYDA their home.
If you want a holiday that involves late night parties and bars there are more suitable places in the Chiang Mai city center. However, if you are looking to experience a mixture of a traditional lifestyle with adventure in a rural setting, and at the same time help a local community, then CYDA is the perfect choice. Come join us at the CYDA GuestHouse and experience this unique and authentic opportunity.

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Key Locations

Baan Tawai Wood Village - 10.1 km - 10 min
Wiang Kum Kam - 11.5 km - 15 min
Chiang Mai Airport - 13.8 km - 17 min
Chiang Mai City Center - 13.9 km - 23 min
Chiang Mai Night Safari - 18.8 km - 24 min
Royal Park Rajapruek - 19.1 km - 25 min

CYDA Programs

Making A Difference

Half-Way House

(CYDA dormitory)

CYDA's main function is to provide a dormitory or half-way house for children and young people. There are currently two houses available, one for males and one for females.
Along with accommodation, CYDA also provides the children with three meals a day and offers support towards their tuition fees .
The children work on a small organic vegetable farm that is based on the dormitory site. On appropriate weekends, work can be given to provide them with some extra money and work experience, which can help them in their future development.

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Skill Development for Street and Slum Children

On weekends and during the evenings, CYDA staff and volunteers work in Chiang Mai town centre to assist children in their skills development. This includes helping to teach children at kindergarten and other levels.
When CYDA staff and volunteers help on weekends, we pay particular attention to primary health care education. The work of CYDA staff has been extremely influential in preparing children and young people for their future.
When this project first began, CYDA received a lot of support from the Thai government. Since sponsorship has dried up, we now rely heavily on private investment and profits from the GuestHouse.

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Jang Memorial Library

In an effort to encourage children of CYDA and children from the village to read, CYDA developed an in-house library. The CYDA library is situated on the first floor of the CYDA building. During the opening ceremony, many children from the village joined in the celebration, which also included a visit from the Sarapees District Chief. The majority of the books in the library have been donated by various contributors. We are very proud that the current generation have an opportunity to develop a love for reading and learning.
On weekends we also organise for a native English speaker to teach in the Library. This helps support the children in their future endeavours. We are very privileged to continually have enthusiastic and talented teachers who volunteer to come and teach English at CYDA.


Organic Vegetable Farm

CYDA has its very own organic vegetable farm on site. The purpose of this project is for the children to learn how to grow their own vegetables and develop their own fertilizers. The vegetables are used by the children to create their own meals in the kitchen. This project is another way to give skills to the children and young adults, which will help them in their development.
The organic vegetables that are grown are also served as delicious meals to our guests who stay at the CYDA GuestHouse.
The land for this activity is kindly provided by the villagers that live in CYDA's surrounding areas.

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Contact CYDA สมาคมพัฒนาเด็กและเยาว์ชน

96 Soi Khao Mu 4 Soi 1, Nong Faek, Amphoe Saraphi, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50140, Thailand

96 ซอย เข้าหมู่ 4 ซอย 1 ตำบล หนองแฝก อำเภอ สารภี เชียงใหม่ 50140


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